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Amino Burst Powder 360g Tropical Punch Back

Amino Burst, a great-tasting product from American Pure Whey is becoming one of the fastest growing amino acids products online in the USA. It plays a vital role in the recovery system of the muscles after intense workout and physical activities. With 10-20 grams of this supplement in your body combines with BCAA’s, Amino Burst bathes your body in amino acids, helping you rebuild your muscles and recover faster. Packed with other nutrients like L-Glutamine, L-Alanine and Taurine, the body is also getting essential nutrients that will help in improving focus, stamina and in building a strong immune system. Mixed with water or your favorite drink to get a step closer to a new and better you




Supplement Facts
Instant Amino Acid fuel
Awesome Taste and easy mixing
Contains loads of Essential amino acids which are responsible to build muscle tissue
Consume 10-20 grams with your favorite beverage. Consume two or three times daily
Mix 10-20 grams with 12 oz of water or juice
Tropical Punch
Lemon Lime
360g Tropical Punch $ 19.99 USD
360g Orange $ 19.99 USD
360g Lemon Lime $ 19.99 USD

I had no idea that amino acids could not only help me build muscle tissue but also recover from workouts! This has been a life-changing discovery, and American Pure Whey has all of the products I need to be my strongest. The amino burst powder is super easy to make and doesn't chalk up like other products I've heard about, and it's also low in fat. I knew my body needed amino acids, but figured diet alone was enough. The tropical punch flavor is my favorite, and I can take it with me to the gym. I absolutely love it! -Lewis

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